Cooling Down


Hi everyone! The temperature is dropping and I’m having a blast dressing for the colder months. It hasn’t started snowing yet, but it’s definitely cold enough for boots and gloves. This outfit kept me warm and cozy while my friends and I explored the city.


My makeup look was very natural. I warmed my look up with some brown eye shadow, filled in my eyebrows, and kept my lips simple by just adding chapstick.


I wore this adorable military style coat during my outing. I love the style and the color is great, too. I also wore this cozy purple scarf. It’s seriously so warm. I was even sweating after a while! It’ll definitely come in handy when it starts snowing.


For my footwear, I wore these fabulous brown military boots. I’ve been wearing these for about 4 years now and they’re still in good condition. They’re a nice neutral brown, so they match with a lot of things. I can match these boots to almost everything in my closet. I wore my thick, but not too thick, brown socks with my boots. I love when boots and socks match pretty closely without being the exact same color. I also like colored socks, but there’s something about matching your socks to your boots that makes your outfit look really well planned out.


I didn’t have much to carry around that day, so I grabbed this small cross body purse. It’s not very big, but it has just enough room for my wallet, keys, and chapstick. It also happened to match my boots perfectly!


I also grabbed these faux leather gloves to keep my hands warm. They’re not as warm as I would like, but they make me feel like a secret agent!



Last, I just put on some brightish blue pants to pull the whole look together. These jeans are super comfortable and fit me like a glove.


What have you been wearing?

Where It’s From

Military Style Coat: Sears

Military Boots: Shopko

Cross Body Purse: Walmart

Jeans: Forever 21

Purple Scarf: New York and Company



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