Keeping it Casual

Hello again! I’m home this week for spring break, and I’m having a lot of fun sleeping in and hanging out with my family and friends. I’ve been keeping it casual and staying mostly at home or to go see a movie. To reflect the easygoing mood of my break, I’ve been keeping my outfits dressed down and comfortable. The one in this post has been my favorite so far. I hope you guys like it.



On the bottom, I wore a simple pair of black skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans because I’m pretty short, and I have a hard time finding jeans that aren’t too long. With skinny jeans, I never have that problem because, no matter how long they are, they won’t hang over my feet. After that, it’s easy. I can just roll them up. I think cuffed jeans look really cute. In warmer weather, I roll them up a little higher so my ankles are peeking out. I just love the way it looks!


For my shoes, I just slipped on some black Converse. These are actually my little brother’s shoes. He outgrew them, and I just had to steal them. I’ve really been loving them because they match with almost everything. I also really like the sharp contrast between the black and the white. I’ll definitely be wearing these a lot this spring.


On top, I wore blue on blue. Blue is my favorite color, so I have no problem wearing it. It was so warm the day these pictures were taken, that I didn’t even need to wear  coat. All I had on was a form fitting blue t-shirt and a loose button up shirt. When I bought the button up shirt, I didn’t really like the little white designs on it. Now, I actually really like them. They add some dimension to the outfit.


Sorry if this picture looks a little weird, it was getting dark. 😅 Since my my outfit was so casual, I thought I would dress it up a bit with a red lip. The lipstick I used wasn’t a true red, it was more of an orange red. I like red orange lipsticks because they’re so bright and remind me of the summer. I also put on some black winged eyeliner and filled in my eyebrows. Lastly, I stuck with the simple vibe and kept my hair natural.


What have you been wearing?

Where It’s From

Button up shirt: Goodwill

Blue t-shirt: Boston Store

Converse: Famous Footwear


Super Lustrous Lipstick in 750 Kiss me Coral

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in 01 Black

Maybelline New York Brow Drama Pro Palette in 260 Deep Brown

Palladio Liquid Eyeliner in Black

26 thoughts on “Keeping it Casual

  1. It’s a great casual outfit, you look youthful and fresh. I love the chill-out vibe from both you, and your clothing! That photo of you in the twilight is beautiful – my favourite shot of this outdoor shoot actually. And you know what? I LOVE sleeping-in.., I can never get enough of it haha~

    Vivienne X

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  2. I love this outfit. It seems we have similar tastes in clothing, minus the fact that I rarely wear skinny jeans. Lately, I’ve been wearing black and white dresses and black chacos. I wear my hair in a bun with no make-up. But the orange red lipstick is a lovely contrast with all of the blues and black going on in the outfit. The shoes are epic, too.

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      1. Lately, I’ve been wearing more color, though. I’ve been dressing more professionally because I start back to work on Monday, and I have been stopping by the office twice a week just to get stuff accomplished.

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