Minnesota Trip

Hey everyone! I know this is a little late because spring break has been over for a while (at least at my school), but I waned to tell you guys about my spring break trip to Minnesota. I know Minnesota isn’t probably the first place you’d think of to travel to for spring break, but it ended up being really fun. I went to visit my friend Savannah at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

The trip started with a very long Greyhound bus ride. I ended up in Minnesota in the middle of the night, so I didn’t really see anything. The real vacation started the next day. My friend, Savannah, and I woke up early and walked across campus on our way to get breakfast. Most people were home for spring break, so the campus was pretty quiet and peaceful.


After a beautiful, but very cold walk, we made it to the Hard Times Cafe. It was a cute little restaurant that was really close to campus. It also wasn’t very expensive and the food was good, too!



The inside of the cafe was very quirky. It had mismatched floors and lots of cool art on the walls. There were also big windows and some plants. It definitely had a lot of character. The food was pretty awesome. Everything at the cafe is either vegan or vegetarian, so I got the breakfast sandwich with vegetarian sausage. It was fabulous.


After getting food, we explored the rest of the campus. There were tons of cool buildings and interesting things to see. I didn’t take too many pictures, but I made sure to get one with the famous Goldy Gopher mascot.



I also got to cross the Washington Avenue Bridge. It’s really cool because it runs right across the Mississippi River. The inside was all painted with really cool designs and colors. Different clubs and organizations paint pictures to advertise themselves. They even put their contact information there.


After seeing the campus, we decided to head off campus to find some frozen yogurt. It was cold out, but we went anyway because frozen yogurt is good anytime!


The frozen yogurt place was called Yogurt Lab. It had a lot of flavors to mix and match. They also switch the flavors out every now and then. There are also a ton of toppings. I got a whole bunch! It was amazing.


The last thing we did was go to the Mall of America. We walked all around the mall and stopped in a bunch of stores. I didn’t really get any pictures except for this delicious bubble tea. I got a red milk tea with the bubbles/ pearls at the bottom. It was so good. I definitely recommend bubble tea to anyone who hasn’t tried it.


The next day we went back to hard times for breakfast and then I headed home on another Greyhound bus. I hope you guys liked hearing about my little trip. I hope this post wasn’t too long. I’m still planning on doing another post on the outfits I wore during my trip so it wouldn’t all be in one super long post. Thanks for reading!

30 thoughts on “Minnesota Trip

  1. you came to Minneasota!!! This is where I live omg and you didn’t even come to say hi to me girl?
    I tought we were closer than that smh..
    I’m joking lol , but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂
    I still can’t believe you came around where I lived !

    Liked by 1 person

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