Glasses Jacket Shirt

Hey guys! Long time, no read. I know I put up my Halloween and Christmas posts not too long ago, but the last outfit post I put up was back in September. The outfit I’m about to tell you guys about is actually something I wore in fall. That’s why some of the pictures have so much green in the background. Right now, there’s actually a lot of snow outside. I would still wear this outfit now, I would just swap the jacket out for a warmer one. I know it’s not that cold where some people live, so this might be a perfectly appropriate outfit for some of you.


One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the jacket. I feel like I’ve been seeing coats like this everywhere. I’ve seen some expensive ones, but I didn’t spend anything on this one. I just stole it from my dad. Because of that, I can’t really tell you guys where to get it. My recommendation would be to check your local thrift stores. You can find all kinds of cool stuff in there for pretty cheap. The other day, I found a sweater for 69 cents!


Anyway, back to the coat. It’s lightweight, oversized, and I love the colors of it. The navy blue and dark green match with a lot of my clothes, so that’s awesome. I also really like the white stripes on the sleeves. They kind of tie in with the stripes on my shoes.

IMG_1158 (3).JPG

Underneath my jacket I wore a black turtleneck. The turtle neck is also oversized, but I tucked it in to some high waisted jeans to give it a more fitted look. Sometimes I roll up the sleeves, too. I love this turtle neck so much! It’s nice and comfy, and it’s black. What more could I ask for?


For my shoes I just threw on some white Adidas sneakers. I just recently got these shoes (that’s why they’re still so white 😂), and I’ve been wearing them almost every day. I’m the kind of girl who gets a pair of shoes I like and then wears them until they fall apart. So, look out for these shoes in some future posts!


The finishing touch of my outfit were these sunglasses. I love the shape of the frames and the color of the lenses. They’re super girly and I love them.


Since I was wearing sunglasses, I didn’t bother putting on any makeup. I also slept with my hair in a bun, so I have some loose curls/waves.

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys liked this and got some inspiration for your own outfits. I hope you all have a happy New Year!

Also, here’s a picture of me falling over after trying to be a model. 😂😎


⬇️ In case you didn’t know what glasses jacket shirt was from. ⬇️


Where It’s From

Jacket: a gift

Turtleneck: Salvation Army

High waisted Jeans: Forever 21

Adidas Sneakers: Famous Footwear

Sunglasses: TJ Maxx (probably 😂)



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