A Day at Pilanesberg National Park

Hi anyone and everyone. I said I would make some videos about my trip to South Africa and I finished my first one! This one is mostly about my trip to Pilanesberg National Park. There were a ton of cool animals to see. We saw zebras, giraffes, and a bunch of elephants.

First, I filmed a bit of the flight to South Africa. Then we checked out the University of Pretoria. After that, the rest of the video is just about Pilanesberg and the animals there.

Click here for the video.

Some of the first animals we saw at the national park were elephants. At first we just saw a few here and there, but then we saw a whole bunch of them all running to the watering hole.


There was actually one running in the direction of our car, and we had to speed out of the way. We parked at a little area where you could get out and get a nice view of the watering whole.


Above is a picture of me in the little parking area. People could park there and walk down a path to the lookout at the watering whole. Below is the path to the lookout area.


That’s where we saw the most elephants. Two really large groups of elephants met up at one end of the watering whole and ran away together. It was magical. I had never seen anything like that before.


There were also a lot of other beautiful animals to see. The zebras were super cool and the turtles were really cute, too.


Seeing this rhino was so cool, but actually pretty scary. It was really big and really close to the car. It seemed pretty relaxed, though. So, it wasn’t too bad.


After seeing all the animals, we needed some lunch. There was a restaurant in the national park, so we headed over there for something to eat. There was an area right outside the restaurant where they left salt cubes for the animals, so there were a bunch of giraffes hanging out there.


The menu had some really nice options, but I knew I was going to get a salad before even looking at the menu.


There were a few types of salads, and I went for the Greek salad. It had a lot of avocado, so I was pretty stoked for it. I also got an Appletiser. It’s basically like sparkling cider. Delicious!


My mom got some pancakes. I know you call them crepes in most places, but my family from South Africa just called them pancakes. I didn’t try them, but my mom said they were great!


Okay, I know I already put this picture (the one below) earlier in my post, but it felt weird to end this post on a picture of crepes. I also wanted to mention my outfit because my blog is mostly about fashion. It was winter in South Africa when I visited, so most days I had to wear a coat. The day we went to the park was a warmer day, so I was okay without it. I wore some comfy Adidas sneakers, some high waisted jeans, and a turtle neck. Comfy and casual.


Thanks for reading guys. I hope you liked the video and these pictures, too!

10 thoughts on “A Day at Pilanesberg National Park

  1. Wow I love this post! Africa is definitely on my “to travel to” list!!! Also I’ve nominated you for the sunshine blogger award, go check it out on my blog xx

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