Preparing for Fall

Hi all! Fall is coming and I know I’m thinking of things I can do to fully immerse myself in the season. I’m not much of a cold weather person, but I do still enjoy fall. I love the spirit, the pumpkin drinks, and especially the fashion/makeup.


I love the cozy feeling that comes with fall. Drinking a cup of tea while curling up in a cozy blanket on a chilly day is the best. To get ready for those chilly days, I’ve been starting to put out some blankets and pillows to make my bed a little more fall themed.

IMG_4505 (2)

I’m also planning to buy a few fall themed candles. I think a pumpkin candle is absolutely necessary. I’m also thinking of getting something apple or cinnamon scented. I think those scents would easily carry over into Christmas time.

So far, I just have one candle that gets me in the fall mood. It’s not specifically made for fall, but it feels pretty fall to me. It’s one of the DW Home Richly Scented Candles in the flavor Warm Tobacco Pipe. I love it so much! It’s sweet, earthy, and oh so cozy.


Another way I’ve been getting ready for the autumn months is by trying to find some scrumptious recipes. I’ve recently moved into an apartment for the school year, so I’ve been learning to cook for myself. I would say it’s been going pretty well so far.

I would love to bake some pumpkin muffins and maybe even a pecan pie. Warm soups and stews are also very satisfying in the colder months.

Now, it’s time to talk about one of the best parts of the fall season: beauty! I know beauty is kind of a broad term. I guess I use it as an umbrella term for hair, nails, makeup, and fashion.

I know I’m not the only one who loves painting my nails darker shades as summer fades away. My favorite colors for nails are the classic girlish ones like pink and red. Oranges and salmons are fun, too! For fall, I ditch the pink and bright reds and switch to deeper darker reds, plums, and purples. I might even sport some orange around Halloween.

IMG_4515 (3).JPG

Autumn fashion is probably my favorite kind of fashion. Winter fashion is also nice, but it’s a little warmer in fall which I feel gives me a little more freedom in choosing what I wear.

IMG_4538 (2)IMG_4560 (2)

I’m especially excited for tights and high socks this season.Β I sewed myself a dress that I’m stoked to wear with some fishnets and high socks.Β Tights also look great with skirts and peeking out underneath pants.

IMG_4608 (2)

I’m also more than ready to start layering my clothes. I have some 90’s jackets and bombers at the ready!

IMG_4590 (2)IMG_4580 (2)

I think I’m most excited to wear this Cupid jacket that I got from Ragstock. It’s pretty lightweight, so it should be perfect for fall.

Darkening my makeup a bit is also great in the fall time. Smokey eyes and strong eyeliner are a staple of fall. Dark lip colors are also so fun. My goal is to wear vampy lip colors as often as possible.

I’m looking forward to putting up more fall posts soon! I haven’t been able to post as often as I want because my classes are intense this semester, but I’ll try to get something up by Monday. I hope you’re looking forward to reading! Bye for now.

Where It’s From

Cupid Bomber: Ragstock

Dress: homemade, baby!

Shoes: Thrifted

DW Home Richly Scented Candle: TJ Maxx

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