Outfit Transition Day to Night

Hello everyone! I recently decided to participate in AUrate New York’s Day to Night  Challenge. They asked me to pick a piece of jewelry and who how I would style it with an outfit that I transition from day to night.

AUrate New York is a jewelry company that sells high quality jewelry at a fair price. Their jewelry is handmade in New York City with ethically sourced materials. They also try to make a positive impact in the community. When you purchase their jewelry, they give back to economically disadvantaged school children. You can read more about their charitable work here. A company with a conscience is definitely something I can get behind.

I decided that their Tribar Ear Jackets would look really nice with my outfit. I think their minimal design is really elegant. The simplicity of the earrings make them look smooth and modern.



You can click here to view their entire collection of earrings. There are some really cool ones to choose from.

Below is my day outfit. I kept it pretty casual and comfy. I thought the earrings could really shine with this simple outfit. Putting my hair up in a ponytail would also make sure to show off the earrings.

IMG_4899 (2)

I put on some light wash high waisted jeans and rolled them up at the ankles. I also tucked my shirt into them for a more put together look.

IMG_4917 (2)

For a fun little touch, I put some black fishnet tights underneath my jeans. I feel like they’re an easy way to spice any outfit up. They also make it so I don’t have to worry about wearing ankle socks with my sneakers.

IMG_4912 (2)

For my top, I threw on a black shirt and rolled up the sleeves to keep cool.

IMG_4922 (2)

When it cooled down a bit, I put on this black jacket to keep myself warm. I am not a cool weather kind of girl.

IMG_4946 (2)IMG_4951 (2)

I put my hair in a high pony tail to stick to the the casual vibe of the outfit. I also thought a ponytail would also show off the earrings nicely.

IMG_4928 (2)IMG_4938 (2)

For my makeup, I decided to add a pop of color on my eyes. I took a pink salmony colored eye shadow and applied it almost like eyeliner on my lids. It looks pretty orange on me, but I think I might just have a slightly more yellow undertone. I blended it out a bit on the middle of my lid, but kept it sharper at the edges. I also slightly dragged it down onto my lower lash line.

IMG_4940 (2)

Then I filled in my eyebrows and put on some mascara. To camouflage my dark circles and imperfections, I put on a little concealer and some BB creme.

IMG_4943 (2)

IMG_4749 (2)

To transition my outfit from day to night, I switched my jeans, shoes, and darkened my makeup a bit. My friend and I went out to get some pizza on Saturday night, so I didn’t want to get too dressed up. I still wanted my outfit to be a little more intense than my day outfit, though. This is what I came up with.

IMG_4891 (2)

I got these cool rose embroidered jeans when I was on my South Africa trip. They’re a thick black material with five red roses on them. They’re very roomy, but the material isn’t very stretchy.

IMG_4888 (2)

The pants are pretty big and shapeless, so I took a brown belt to highlight my waist. I also tied the same black shirt from before in a knot to cinch in my waist a little more. I think the belt really breaks up the outfit up so it doesn’t look like a black jumpsuit.

IMG_4854 (2)IMG_4875 (2)

I kept my fishnets on and switched my white Adidas sneakers out for some black Converse. The white sneakers were a little too bright for this outfit, so I continued with the black theme and went with some black shoes.

IMG_4874 (2)IMG_4873 (2)

My nails were painted the nude color for both my day and night outfits. I thought the color worked great for both outfits.

IMG_4824 (2)

Since I needed to carry my money, phone, keys, and everything else, I grabbed my little brown purse. The purse matched my brown belt, so I was pretty stoked about that.

IMG_4806 (2)

For the night time, I darkened up my makeup and put on a red lip. I smeared my lips with Vaseline and put on just a hint of a matte liquid lipstick. I didn’t want the lipstick to be full on matte or as dark as it’s supposed to be, so putting on the Vaseline on first helped soften it and make it a little more comfortable to wear.

IMG_4817 (2)

I blended a little light brown eye shadow into some darker brown eye shadow close to the lash line. Then I highlighted the inner corner and brow bone (even though it’s not very visible in the picture).

IMG_4813 (2)

I also reapplied some some mascara and touched up my eyebrows where needed.

IMG_4812 (2)

For my hair, I just took it down from my pony tail.

IMG_4885 (2)IMG_4802

I hope you guys liked my take on the Day to Night Outfit challenge. I had a lot of fun styling it, so I hope you liked reading it!

IMG_4767 (2)

If you’re interested in getting any of the clothes or makeup for yourself, there are links for them (or something similar if I couldn’t find them again) below.

Day Outfit

Where It’s From:

High waisted jeans: Forever 21

Sneakers: Adidas

Jacket: Puma


NYX eyeshadow in the color Fireball

Anastasia Beverly Hill Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Concealer in 01 Classic Ivory

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream in 100 light sheer tint

Night Outfit

Where It’s From:

High waisted jeans: Blood Orange Clothing

Purse: Walmart

Sneakers: Converse

Belt: Thrifted


Estee Lauder Lisa Perry Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette in 38 Chocolate Bliss Matte and 35 Hot Cinnamon Shimmer

Anastasia Beverly Hill Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Concealer in 01 Classic Ivory

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream in 100 light sheer tint

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in the color Lady Balls





6 thoughts on “Outfit Transition Day to Night

    1. Thank you! Those jeans are one of my favorite pairs and I’m glad you like the fishnets! I’ve never worn them with pants before, so I’m glad it looked okay!


  1. Hey I don’t have a lot of time to read other blogs so I fianlly got round to catching up on some of your posts and they’re all really good! I love the photos here in particular ❤

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