Boyish Thrifted Look

Happy fall you guys! I’m actually bringing you a summer outfit, but hopefully some of you are living somewhere where it’s still warm enough to wear something like this.


I consider this outfit to be a little boyish compared my normal outfits, but wearing something a little different from what I’m used to is always fun. It’s also a fun outfit because it’s almost completely thrifted.


This green shirt is what I based my outfit around. It’s just a simple t-shirt I thrifted, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite short sleeve shirts. I love the contrast of the gold embroidery against the dark green shirt.


The embroidery is probably my favorite part of this shirt because it’s good quality and really eye catching. It’s something that’s going to last me a really long time.


I decided to pair my shirt with these brownish gray shorts. I think the color of these shorts is great because it could match with every color I can think of.


These shorts are a little longer and looser than the types of shorts I’m used to wearing, so that’s why I felt a little more boyish wearing them.


Once I had my outfit figured out, I needed to pick out some shoes. I decided on these dingy old white sneakers I thrifted from Salvation Army. Then, to spice up the shoes a bit, I wore these black fishnet socks.


Since my outfit was a bit tomboyish, I decided to go for a girlier makeup look. I did a very warm look. I filled in my eyebrows in, blended out some orange eye shadow on my lids, and put on some mascara. I also put on some red lipstick.


Thanks for reading!

Where It’s From

Green shirt: Thrifted

Shorts: Thrifted

White Sneakers: Thrifted

Black Fishnet Socks: Boston Store

8 thoughts on “Boyish Thrifted Look

      1. You’re welcome! I also watched your YouTube videos on Florida trip. They are lovely. Well made. You look so calm and composed when speaking in front of the camera 😊 I subscribed. Keep up the good work!


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