Goodbye Winter, Hello Quarantine

Happy quarantine everyone. This is a really scary time and I hope everyone is staying inside as much as possible. I’ve been staying in, but the boredom of being inside all day is starting to catch up to me. To try and combat the boredom, I decided to get back into blogging. I took a really long break and I thought there was no time like the present to jump back in to it.

Today I’m coming at you with what’s possibly my last winter outfit post for a while. Summer is slowly approaching and there’s no more snow on the ground where I live. These pictures captured some of the last snow before everything melted.

I chose this outfit specifically to look good with a snowy background. I wanted to wear very dark colors so they would really pop against the white.

I basically built this outfit around this black peacoat. It’s a classic piece that makes any outfit feel a little big more gussied up.

Next, I needed some cute pants. I settled on some maroon, crushed velvet leggings. You can’t see the texture of them super well in these pictures, but they’re super cute.

I also went with some red patterned socks to stick out between my leggings and my black boots. I think it’s a fun little pop of color.

I didn’t want my outfit to be completely black, so I picked a dark green sweater to wear under my coat. I think it’s a really nice shade of green and it’s super cozy. It’s a win-win.

Along with my red socks, I wore my big red scarf. I didn’t wear it for all my pictures because it was too warm to wear the whole time. It would be perfect on an extra cold day.

The last touch was this furry hat. It’s nice and dark, so it fits my color scheme perfectly. I don’t wear this hat enough, so this was a perfect opportunity to get some wear out of it.

Thanks for reading, guys! Stay safe out there. We’re gonna make it through this!

Where It’s From

Velvet Leggings: Forever 21

Green Sweater: H&M

Furry Hat: Boston Store

Black Pea Coat: Burlington (I think 😅)

Red Scarf: Boston Store

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