Christmas Vibes

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Almost every year I’ve been guilty of barely getting into the Christmas spirit. Then, before I even know it, Christmas is over. I’m trying really hard for this year to be different. I’m definitely ready for some Christmas cheer. To get in the Christmas spirit, I put up some stockings at home and took a little mini Christmas tree to my dorm room. I’ve also been wearing more festive colors and even occasionally rocking a red lip.

I wore this simple outfit to help get into the Christmas spirit. It makes me feel festive, but it’s not so flashy that I can’t wear it out without people staring. I like to think of it as being undercover festive.

8 (2)

I like that it’s so simple. It’s just a pair of jeans, a shirt, and some boots, but I don’t see it as boring because of the designs on the peasant top.

One of my favorite things to wear is high waisted jeans. I love this pair because of the three buttons at the top and the dark color. They’re also super comfortable. These pants feel more like jeggings than jeans! They’re also pretty thin. That makes them easier to movie in, but I can tell that they’re not going to stay nice as long as a thicker pair might. They’re definitely one of my favorite pairs of pants for now, though!

5 (2)

I got these boots for my birthday, and I’ve been wearing them every day since. They’re so warm and very comfortable. The little bit of fur at the top of the boots actually does go down into the rest of the boot. They also seem pretty well made. I predict them lasting me a long time. Depending on the light, the boots can look brown or grayish. I really like that because it makes me feel like I can wear them with a lot more colors than a normal pair of true brown boots. I just love them!


My favorite part about this outfit is this red peasant top. I don’t see too many shirts like this, so I feel really unique when I wear it. I really like the purple and blue details around the collar, and I love the mesh around the shoulders. The sleeves of the shirt are a little poofy for me, so I just roll up the sleeves and I’m good to go.

10 (2)

When I was posing for pictures, I had to stop to cuddle with my kitty. I don’t get to see her when I’m at college, so every time I visit home, I make sure to give her lots of snuggles. My other kitty got jealous, so I had to give him a squeeze, too!

3 (2)

4 (2)

6 (2)


What have you been wearing?

Where It’s From 

Peasant Shirt: Boston Store

High Waisted Jeans: TJ Maxx

Boots: Boston Store

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